[Buy Essential Health & Wellness Products Online] - IWIN
[Buy Essential Health & Wellness Products Online] - IWIN
[Buy Essential Health & Wellness Products Online] - IWIN
[Buy Essential Health & Wellness Products Online] - IWIN
[Buy Essential Health & Wellness Products Online] - IWIN
[Buy Essential Health & Wellness Products Online] - IWIN

Fitness Activity Tracker Watches, Blood Pressure Smart Band

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Function Description:

  • Motion record (pedometer, calorie burning, mileage, can be displayed every time period movement trend chart).

  • Sleep monitoring (which shows the trend of sleep quality per time period)

  • Dynamic and static heart rate blood pressure oxygen fatigue monitoring function

  • Blood oxygen fatigue monitoring function

  • Support call reminders, SMS, WeChat, QQ push, alarm clock to remind

  • For Apple Store and Application Po and GOOGLE PLAY Download "WearFit"

Parameter Description:

  • Size: 235 * 24 * 11.6mm
  • Bluetooth chip Nrf51822, 0.66 OLED display
  • Host PC material, wristband TPU material
  • Single touch operation
  • 7 days data saved
  • Battery 80mAh, charging 2H, standby more than 10 days
  • Equipment requirements: Android 4.4, IOS8.0 and above systems



*Heart rate and blood pressure monitor

Open app function, the bracelet will automatically measure heart rate blood pressue and blood oxygen.



*Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor

Built-in professional blood pressure module, more accurate measurement data, compared to other calculations by the virtual bracele correction is reliable


*Step motion meter

Smart bracelet use new hardware, upgrades the movement step motion meter, step mileage, calorie, effectlively filters in the high frequency jitter which under the absence movement condition, enhances the accuracy.



View the depth of sleep through app, grasp sleep duration and quality , intimate alarm vibration, make you out of the annoying cell phone alarm.


*Incoming call

You will never miss any incoming call or message, we chat, QQ, facebook, twitter, because when have messgae, F1 will vibrate at once, even

your phone is in the bag or other place.


*Message remind and display

It will show the message content from social medias (facebook, twitter, text, wechat,QQ)


*Mobile phone anti-lost

Set smart bracelet and mobile phone safety distance, when the mobile phone away from the safe distance, the bracelet

will keep vibrating.


*Raising hand bright screen

Raising hand bright screen or fast level 90 degrees, you can light up the screen.


*The new skin-friendly material

The main part of the bracelet use PC shell, the body contact with the use of skin-friendly silicone wristband, breathable cold, bring you a comfortable wearing experience.




*IP66 waterproof and dustproof

Waterproof level to IP66, effective in preventing water and sports sweating, but please do not diving nor swimming.


Package included:

  • 1x F1 smart bracelet
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual